Leverage the power of Dynamic Creative Optimization

Leverage the power of Dynamic Creative Optimization

We are living in the age of personalization. Gone are the days of bombarding your users with a generic message. Today, your marketing strategy is incomplete without a high degree of customization and personalization.

Did you know? 79% of consumers are more likely to engage with an offer if it has been personalized to reflect previous interactions the consumer has had with the brand.

Dynamic creative optimization is the answer to address these needs. Dynamic creatives enhance the value and appeal in digital advertising. Dynamic creative optimization is all about getting the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. It makes it what digital advertising has been promising for years. The advancements in the field of data capturing, analytics, and re-targeting make dynamic creative optimization all the more alluring for advertisers.

Creative management platforms (CMPs) further eliminate any hassles in creating dynamic banner campaigns. It makes it possible for in-house marketing and advertising teams to leverage data and analytics to target, plan, and scale campaigns.

The Key to Personalization

Dynamic creative optimization (DCO) offers a unique way to undertake true personalization of ads at scale. It helps marketers create ads that quickly adapt to factors such as demographics, geographies, and more to appear tailored in terms of messaging, graphics, products, and experiences.

The depth and scope of personalization possible through DCO make the advertisements highly relevant – leading to enhanced viewer engagement.

For instance, let’s consider an automotive brand that wants to engage audiences differently based on the car models they own or have shown interest in. DCO plays a critical role in bringing these personalized experiences to life, which was not so easy.

The Many Benefits of Dynamic Creative Optimization

DCO can be viewed as creativity and data combined for maximum effectiveness.

  • The technology allows agencies and marketers to introduce new variations of a creative over time. It gives them space and flexibility to experiment, test, and keep the brand top-of-mind with the target audience.
  • It also eliminates any guesswork involved in the execution of a creative idea by automatically distributing creative options to the audience to let them vote as they typically would for a survey. The creative that resonates the most with an audience wins.
  • Additionally, DCO is a great strategy for large-scale localization. When media is bought by a local media agency independently, DCO can help them expand the target and reach based on their placement.
  • Furthermore, when media is bought centrally, creative media agencies can integrate dynamic creative optimization with geo-targeting to serve a localized version of the same media throughout the geography- within a single creative template.
  • Loyalty: Personalization will nurture loyalty as they see how well you understand their needs.

Localization, experimentation, and testing happen to be at the core of DCO, leading to exciting and unlimited opportunities for marketers and advertisers.

DCO works across various industries

Here is how some of the industries can and are currently leveraging the power of DCO

  • Financial services: When promoting credit cards, DCO can be used to adapt the messaging to fit the user’s interests and future plans. The advertisement can be made to display travel, home, entertainment, and gadgets-related information, depending on what the user is most likely to use the card for.
  • Telecom: When targeting a specific audience, Telecom companies can target ads for services and bundles that reflect the availability of certain infrastructure in a particular geographical area. For instance, not showing 4G and Fiber services in areas where only 3G infrastructure exists.
  • Retail: DCO can be a tool for driving higher value purchases on e-commerce and retail sites. For instance, time-limited ads can be targeted toward customers who have not visited a website for a long time. Or, retargeting users based on their purchase history rather than a generic message.
  • Travel: DCO can enable travel companies to serve the right creative to their audiences depending on the property and destinations they have browsed. Airfares can be included in a creative, as an ad knows the intended destination and the point of departure of the user.
  • Entertainment: DCO can be leveraged in the entertainment industry to gamify notifications and promotions through sequential storytelling and immersive ad campaigns. A DCO platform knows when a user has interacted with the first ad in a series, so that the user is served the next, and so on.

Creative Management Platform and DCO Capabilities

Creative Management Platforms encompass a holistic approach to programmatic creative that includes dynamic ads and other static ad formats. CMPs allow brand marketers to produce an array of ads simultaneously but also dive deep to make specific changes into each individual creative.

In essence, CMPs support the creativity of designers by allowing them to exercise it while also working toward scalability and automation. When creating many versions of a particular creative, designers might fall into monotonous or repetitive tasks. CMPs seek to remove as many of them as possible from a designer’s slate.

By offering dynamic ads, DCO solutions, as well as design tools that don’t need data feed integrations or pre-programmed logic, CMPs allow creatives for any data, audience, or purpose.

It is worth iterating that dynamic creative optimization is one of the inbuilt capabilities in a creative management platform, such as Mediawide. Mediawide helps you make messaging targeted and relevant to your customers. Appeal to various customer segments through an all-in-one creative management platform.

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